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Money Back Guarantee

A money-back guarantee is a full refund when a satisfactory paper is not produced. As a professional writing service company, satisfaction is our command. Our satisfaction rate is impressive which has given us 9/10 return customers.

For the five years on the market, we have experienced very few cases of dissatisfaction which were handled perfectly by our support team.

You are entitled to a refund if:

  • You cancel the order, yet if a writer had been assigned – 70% of the total amount is returned while 30% covers the efforts of the company and the writer.
  • No writer assigned to your order – 100% refund is guaranteed within the shortest time possible. However, such situations happen in rare cases.
  • The order is canceled by the customer when half the time is remaining before the deadline, and the writer has been assigned – 50% refunded, and the remaining covers the efforts of the writer and the company.
  • The order delivered past the deadline – refund to be discussed with the customer. May happen if the writer gets ill.
  • The order is delivered one hour late – refunded after the request is sent by the customer.
  • Disputed claims – an investigation is conducted on the claim before a refund is made.
  • Placing an order by mistake.
  • When two invoices are received – when billing is done twice, occurs in rare cases. The refund is done after both receipts are received.
  • Plagiarized content – refund carried out after a plagiarism report is finalized.

You may not receive a refund if:

  • A low grade is received – high grades are not guaranteed
  • Payment is delayed – when an order is delivered late because of delay in payment
  • The order was placed for editing, proofreading or formatting and contained errors of contextual nature.

Free revision guaranteed

When satisfaction is not achieved, revision on the order can be done. We guarantee unlimited free revisions to meet your paper standard; a refund can only be done if strong evidence is given to support your claim. Dispute department can go as far as asking you for a revised version of the same order for comparison, and it must be delivered within 3 days.  After three days the dispute claim is canceled with no refund carried out.  In case the revision deadline elapses, recalculations of prices do not apply.

Process of refund

You can only request for money back within fourteen working days after the paper is delivered. After a refund confirmation is received, the refund process will take approximately 5 working days. A refund may be processed at a fee depending on the amount to be refunded. The company is not liable for your bank delays, bank transfer fees and peculiarities of transfer.

You can request a refund for balance if the balance status is positive. If payment is already released to the writer, a refund will be impossible since the order status will be complete.

For more inquiries on our guarantees and how to get a refund, contact our support team.